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Mackenzie Account FAQ

Top Five FAQs

If I already have a Mackenzie Institute account do I need to create a new Mackenzie Account?

No, your previous login credentials from your Mackenzie Institute account are now your Mackenzie Account login credentials.

What is my Mackenzie Account?

Your Mackenzie Account provides you access to the post login section of the Mackenzie Investments website. It includes fund analysis, practice management resources, manager commentary, sales team information and marketing materials for financial industry professionals. All of this is made accessible using an Email ID and password.

Who can register for a Mackenzie Account?

Financial Advisors, Associate Financial Advisors, Sales Assistants, Fund Analysts and Financial Industry professional can register for access.

There are two methods of registration:

  • Automatic registration: 

    Financial Advisors, Associate Financial Advisors, Sales Assistants, Fund Analyst who have an existing relationship with Mackenzie Investments will be automatically registered. These individuals will receive an email from Mackenzie Investments with a link to activate their profile. The activation email is valid for 14 days.

  • Self-registration: 

    All financial industry professionals may register themselves following the registration steps on the Mackenzie Investments site.

Why should I login to my Mackenzie Account?

Logging into your Mackenzie Account, provides you with additional functionality including access to:

  • Access to locked content
    • After logging in, all locked content across the Mackenzie website is now accessible.
  • Access to Mackenzie Institute
    • Full access to the Mackenzie Institute means access to all locked content, Precision Analytics, Retirement Illustrator, CE Centre, Advisor Learning courses and events
  • Your Mackenzie Account setting
    • E-mail Notifications: Select marketing emails that you would like to receive from Mackenzie Investments
    • My Sales Team: allows you to easily get in touch with your sales team

How do I login to my Mackenzie Account?

Once you have activated your registration, you will login using your Email ID and a password of your choosing. Using your email as your login id simplifies accessing your account.

Where do I login to my Mackenzie Account?

You can log in to the Mackenzie Account section of the site in a few locations:

  • "Login" in top utility
  • Homepage
  • myMackenzie drawer by selecting "Open"

Other Questions

What do I do if I forget my password?

You can reset your password by using the "Forgot Password" functionality of the site.

What do those "locks" beside links and documents mean?

When you see a lock, it means you need to login to the site to view the content.

Is Mackenzie Institute available to investors?

No. The information in the Mackenzie Institute section is for financial industry professionals only.

How do I access AdvisorAccess and InvestorAccess?

Advisors and investors can login to AdvisorAccess and InvestorAccess separately using their existing user id and password. These sites are not connected to Mackenzie Institute.

What is the difference between logging into my Mackenzie Account and AdvisorAccess?

AdvisorAccess login allows access to an advisor's clients' Mackenzie Investments holdings information, and is based on dealer and rep code. This login does not change. Your Mackenzie Account provides advisors with access to advisor-appropriate fund analysis, practice management resources, manager commentary, sales team info and more. 

Who do I contact for help?

Our Client Relations team will provide support to all users. They can be contacted at:

Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm (ET)